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To add our video to the channel, you need to go to the "Background video" tab. View channel trailers grouped into 8 major topics.

Choose a theme or video channel to display at your discretion. You have a total of 3 video channels for 1 hour each. 1 hour contains 20 videos, lasting 3 minutes, each containing credits indicating authorship as per the law on the protection of copyrights and related rights. Every month we add up to 4 hours of videos
Personal account, Background video section, Theme selection
On public holidays (New year, May 9, etc.) we provide a fourth bonus video channel, which you can also put on your TV. You can change the video channels on your TV at any time. The changes come into force as per the Eggs TV (SLA) Service Provision Standards (under the form for logging in to your personal account), standardly within 4 hours.
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