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How will apps appear on my channel?

Social networks will be displayed on a Full Screen without your logo on top; a running line will be at the bottom on top of all the videos; hours, weather and traffic jams are located in the upper left corner of the screen.
What is a video channel? How are the themes different?

A video channel is a collection of 20 videos, each 3 minutes long. You can use 3 video channels under any tariff – these make up 60 different videos. All video channels are grouped into 8 different themes – Travel, Food and Drinks, etc. To broadcast on your channel, you can choose our collections or make your own by uploading your video. Choosng topic, your videos will be changed every month, choosing video channel you will watch videos until you change it
Does your video has a soundtrack?

Our videos are silent. However, you may choose a separate soundtrack in your personal account, which will be programmatically superimposed on our videos. We only give you access to background music collections, without having to pay royalties to the RAO / WIPO.
What quality are your videos?

All our videos are displayed in HD, progressive scan, 5 Mbps bitrate.
I don't see the video topic I need. What should I do?

You may submit a request for a topic of your interest to our content department, and we will select a video channel for your topic for free, as per the video production schedule.
What file formats, resolutions and sizes are allowed?

You may upload files of any format, resolution and size to our system. For our part, we only recommend keeping the video aspect ratio at 1.77 (1920 x 1080 px. 1280 x 720 px), since the resolution of TV screens is standard. If the files are of a different resolution, then there will be black bars at the corners of the screen.
How many hours of video do you provide for my channel?

3 hours of video. Each hour of video is grouped into its own video channel and has its own unique trailer. We have a total of more than 100 hours of video covering 8 topics.
What video may I upload to my channel? How legal is it?

You may download any video or movie, but you will be liable if the author has not granted you permission to publish the video on your channel.
Do I need to sign a contract with RAO / WIPO?

If you have and use popular music, then Yes, you must enter into a contract with organizations to protect the rights of authors. If you only use our background music and your commercials, then no, you shouldn't.
How do I enable sports on my TV?

Unfortunately, you cannot. We do not have the rights to broadcast sports matches with the ability to add third-party advertising. If you just want to turn on the sports channel at your establishment, it is better to connect IPTV from your Internet provider or satellite operator.
Is the video displayed on social networks? What if the post is long?

If the post contains a video, it is played. If the post does not fit on the screen, it is scrolled by a predetermined timing. We display all emoticons and other elements of the post without changes.
How often are posts from social networks updated on TV?

Every time a post appears on the screen, we receive information from the social network. Once you have made a post, it should appear on the screens during the display of that slot. Since the system displays posts in random order, some of them may not appear immediately, but after a while.
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