Remote viewing from phone / computer
For remote viewing of the channel, we recommend installing the free TeamViewer application and configuring the channel viewing on any device according to this Instruction.
MainChannel setting → Remote viewing from phone / computer
1. Download and install TeamViewer

Below you can find download links. Save the file and run it, install the program. Do not change the settings.

Download link: Windows, AppleMac, iPhone, Android
TeamViewer Interface
2. Request connection details from your content manager

Write to your content manager in the chat that you need remote viewing of the channel. The manager will prepare you a login and password for TeamViewer.
3. Enter your details in TeamViewer

Enter them in the "Computers and contacts" tab in the "Email" and "Password" fields
Tab Computers &  contacts
4. Confirm access from your device

A window will pop up to inform you that you are not authorized to access the view. As soon as you get it, write to your manager and ask for access.

IMPORTANT! For privacy reasons, access approval is required for each device.
Notification of authorization
5. Re-enter details

After receiving a positive response from the manager, re-enter your details. The window should no longer appear.
6. Log in to your device

Find your desired point by name / address and double-click the mouse to open a broadcast window. You cannot change the broadcast content.
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