Primary channel setup
This section will show you how to set up a channel broadcast from scratch. It will be useful to you if you have already connected Eggs TV equipment to TV screens or set up a broadcast channel using the link provided to you.
MainChannel setting → Primary channel setup
1.1. First upload your logo to your channel.

Upload the logo in vector format (eps, ai, png) and it will appear on the screens after processing.
1.2. In the second step, you need to create the necessary folders in the "My files" section.

You can upload your files of any resolution, format and size to the folders. After downloading the file, you select the broadcast point and frequency of display of your files. The standard frequency is once every 10 minutes.
Personal account interface, "My files" section
After your upload, the changes will take effect in accordance with the Appendix to the Eggs TV Offer Agreement (under the form for entering your personal account). If you want to know more about what you can add to your channel and how it will work, then see the Channel Content – My Files section.

1.3. In the third step, you can select your favorite video channels or pre-configured TV channels on the "Background video" tab.

Under any of the tariffs, you may use no more than 3 video channels (3 hours of video) per broadcast point. To select video channels, click the "Select video" button, then watch the channel trailers and add the ones you like to the broadcast by clicking Select. After that, the video channels will appear in the table, and you can enable them at your points at your discretion.
Personal Account Interface, Background Video Section
After your selection, the videos will begin to download to your channel and immediately get into the broadcast as they download. If you want to know more about the content of video channels, topics and duration, see the section Channel Content - Background Video.

1.4. In the fourth step, you can connect your social networks to your channel on the Applications tab.

To do this, enter your account (Vkontakte, Instagram, Facebook), select the background of the desired color, the number of recent posts to display and the hashtag that these posts should contain (optional). The changes will come into force in accordance with the Appendix to the Eggs TV Offer Agreement (under the form for logging in to your personal account

1.5. In the fifth step, you can add the Clock, 3D design, greeting cards to the broadcast (not available in all regions).
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