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What is a program guide (schedule)?

This is the order in which your files (videos, ads) and our videos are played. The system automatically rebuilds it every 4 hours. It first arranges the files that you set in frequency, then adds all the remaining files and our video to the playlist.
How fast are the changes applied?

Files are added within 4 hours and deleted within 20 minutes.
If I make a mistake in the settings, will the audience notice it?

No, the changes are applied gradually, so you can always fix it and the audience will not notice.
Is the video repeated in a circle?

Yeah, the files follow each other. However, their order changes every 4 hours.
I want to provide a separate account for LC to our Manager, how do I go about it?

Create a separate account in the Settings and specify which points or files can be edited by this particular account.
How can I view what will be shown at a specific time?

We do not provide an opportunity to find out exactly what file will be shown at a particular time, because the viewers of your channel, who come to visit the establishments, do not get attached to this time, but visit the establishments to have a good time, and the task of the channel is to increase additional sales of your services and entertain the guest.
Does a black screen appear during content updates / changes?

No, it doesn't. All updates are smooth and invisible to the viewer.
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