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1.1. Basic Tariff.

This tariff includes a package of special channels for business: restaurants, fitness, clubs, beauty salons. Each TV channel consists of 3 video channels, each lasting 1 hour, and some background music. Every 4 hours, the videos in the channel are shuffled so that your regular visitors do not have a feeling of a "jammed record".

The duration of background music on the channel is 9 hours. During the tariff validity period, you may choose any other channel from the given package at any time. The number of channels in the package can be found on our website and in your Personal account.

For information on how to connect the channel, see Channel broadcast through the app for Smart TV, phones and laptops.

1.2. Business Tariff.

This tariff allows you to not only show pre-configured TV channels, but also create your own TV channel from our video. In total, 100+ hours are available for you covering 8 topics. Hourly video trailers are available at:

The channel branding option allows you to programmatically add your logo to selected videos. You will also be able to connect your social media accounts to display your ads on TV screens without any delay (see the section Channel content – Social media) for details.

To manage your channel under this tariff package, you are granted access to your Personal Account. A free Eggs TV control unit is provided for easy connection. This can be connected to any number of TVs at your broadcast point. For more information, see the section Connecting a Channel – Connecting Equipment to TVs.

1.3. Corporate tariff.

In addition to the Business tariff options, you will be provided with a personal content manager available on WhatsApp/Telegram. The manager is tasked with independently processing and adapting your advertising materials.

The content manager will also be able to recommend the a festive decoration of the channel, offering to prepare personalized greetings for your visitors on holidays. To find out more about the functions of the content manager, see the section Channel Service. Functions of the Content Manager.

To improve the stability of the channel broadcast, you will be provided with an additional Eggs TV control unit with special functions for local caching (storage) of files at your point – in the event that the Internet connection is disrupted, the channel will continue broadcasting.

This tariff is not available in all regions of our service.
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