Questions on the maintenance of the channel
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How can I contact you?

By calling us on the phone number provided on the Contacts page or by sending us an email to
How can I switch my tariff plan?

Go to your Personal Account, select your preferred new tariff, and click "Pay". Depending on the payment method chosen earlier, you will receive either an invoice by mail, or the money will be charged from your VISA/MasterCard card.
How quickly do you provide technical support?

We try to help you online if you call, or as part of the SLA – if you write us in the mail. Information about the SLA is contained in our offer agreement when you log in to your personal account
How to get closing documents for accounting?

We send the documents once every 3 months. If you need the documents urgently, please send us an e-mail at and we will send you all the documents by Russian Post or electronically.
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