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How is advertising on a channel in an institution usually sold?

Traditionally, advertisements in establishments are placed for a month with a certain frequency. For example, if your institution is open 12 hours a day, 30 days a month, then when an ad is released once an hour, you will have a total of 360 impressions per month. The average cost of advertising in institutions with a traffic of 10,000 people/month is about RUB 15,000. The price per impression can vary from 6 to 40 rubles, depending on the volume.
Can I sell ad placements on a channel?

Yes, all the advertising revenue is yours.
How do I find advertisers? Where do I look?

In our experience, the best advertisers for you may be current partners or suppliers (alcoholic / non-alcoholic products, dietary supplements or medicines, depending on your industry). You may also contact advertising agencies that will attract advertisers for placement in your institution / network for commission payments of 20-30%.
Do you sell ads on my channel?

Yes, we sell advertising on our clients' TV channels, but only through online advertising platforms under closed and open auctions. For us to be able to sell ads for you, you must sign a separate service agreement with us under which we buy free airtime from you. You can obtain more detailed information by sending a request to
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